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About Brazos Labor

Brazos Labor is uniquely positioned to provide staffing and recruiting services for employers regionally within the Southern U.S. Temporary and Seasonal Worker Visa processing services can add value to your buisness through workforce efficiency and stability. Brazos Labor brings 25 years of experience in agriculture, livestock, manufacturing, lumber, irrigation, wastewater treatment and food production systems from 50 countries globally. We have the ability to gain a clear and detailed understanding of your specific processes in order to optimize the recruitment of employees with the right skill sets and work ethic to seamlessly support your buisness.

"There has been a shortage of capital in the sense that capital was more expensive than labor by equivalent quanta, and given the constant production of more humans, supply tended to depress the price of labor. For the first time in 500 years, this situation is reversing itself".

- George Friedman author "The Next 100 years" founder and chairman of Geopolitical Futures

Specialty Contracting

The professionals at Brazos Labor take pride in helping you to protect and beautify your investments in residential and commercial infrastructure. We are committed to the long term vision for your property and aspire to make recommendations for materials, methods and systems that will add the most value and long range benefits.