How To Paint A Wood Privacy Fence

If you are thinking about painting a wooden fence and want to ensure that the job is done right, keep reading to learn what needs to be done.

Clear and Cover

Your first steps should be to clean up the immediate area around the wood fence. Remove any toys, remove garden ornaments, mow the lawn, and cover nearby shrubs so that paint does not get on them. As soon as you have the area prepared, you will want to lay down a tarp where you will be painting.

Prepare the Fence

There are several steps involved in preparing the fence. First, you need to inspect the fence for any dangling screws, loose nails, and cracked boards. If there are any decorations on the fence, remove them as well as the nails or screws holding them on the fence. All of this can be replaced as soon as the fence is painted. Before you paint the fence, make sure to replace any cracked or otherwise damaged boards.

Once the fence has been inspected, make sure that it is smooth. A paint scraper can be used to remove any flaking or chipped paint. The fence should be sanded down so there are no rough areas. Next, you should use a fence cleaner to wash the fence and ensure it is free from dust, dirt, moss, and general debris. Allow the fence to dry thoroughly before you begin painting.

Paint the Fence

As soon as the fence has been prepped and has dried thoroughly, you can begin the painting process. You will need to choose a primer and paint that is designed for wood and exterior use. Ideally, the paint should be oil-based.

Once you have the materials, you should apply the paint to a small section of the fence as a test run. Let this dry for a minimum of 24 hours, then check it to ensure that you are satisfied with the shade. Next, apply the primer. A paintbrush or a paint roller can be used to apply the primer, but you will need to remember that vertical strokes will need to be used on vertical panels and horizontal strokes will need to be used on horizontal panels. As soon as you are finished, the primer will need to be completely dry prior to painting. Check the label on the primer can to find out how long it will take for it to dry, as they all differ.

Once the primer has dried, you can begin painting. Begin at the top of the wood fence and work your way down until it has all been painted. Try to refrain from painting the same panels multiple times, as this will help you avoid the need for a second coat. As soon as the first coat has been applied, check the fence to see if any spots were missed or if there are any areas that are thinner than others and use a paint brush to cover these areas.

As long as you are satisfied with the color and texture of the paint, then you are done. If not, then you should apply a second coat of paint once the first coat has fully dried.

If you prefer to have a professional paint your wooden fence, contact us at Brazos Fence to obtain an estimate.