Home Renovations

There’s a good chance you have home improvement plans in the near future, whether you just closed on a fixer-upper or you'e looking to update the house you've lived in for 20 years.

A well-thought-out plan will set you up for success, for both small remodeling projects that change or update the look and function of a space or larger renovations, which might involve knocking down walls. Even a small repair or home improvement task, like annual maintenance on your HVAC system, will benefit from some planning and consideration of the scope and cost of the project.

Here’s a checklist for renovating your home:

  • Ask yourself: Why are you remodeling?
  • Decide what you’re remodeling.
  • Find inspiration from styles and trends that appeal to you.
  • Determine your budget.
  • Determine the scope of your project.
  • Choose to hire a contractor or DIY.
  • Demolish the space.
  • Begin remodeling.
  • Have required inspections completed.
  • Add finishing touches.

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